We provide free battery cases with each order, up to a maximum of 10 free cases per order. Any additional batteries beyond this limit will be packaged in bulk cartons.


 Battery Size  Case Type Max free cases
AA / 14500 AA/14500 Clear 10
CR123A/16340 CR123A/16340 Clear 10
18350 18350 Clear 10
18500 18500 Clear 10
18650 18650 Clear 10
20700 20700/21700 Clear 10
21700 20700/21700 Clear 10
26650 26650 Clear 10


Some battery manufacturers include branded cases with their batteries. In these instances, we will not provide any additional cases beyond what the manufacturer supplies.

If you find that the cases are missing, incorrect, or damaged, please contact our support team. We will ensure that additional cases are included with your next order. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.