Efest SLIM K1 Intelligent Charger

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Simplify your charging setup with the Efest SLIM K1 Intelligent Charger, a sleek, compact, and highly efficient solution designed to meet the needs of modern tech enthusiasts. This single-channel charger is perfect for quickly powering up a wide array of 3.6V/3.7V Lithium batteries. The SLIM K1 features a USB-powered design for easy connectivity and portability, complemented by a clear LED charging indicator and advanced safety protocols, including reverse polarity protection and low voltage smart activation. Ideal for everyday use, this charger offers a robust 3-year warranty, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • High-Speed Charging: Delivers a powerful 1A output, ensuring rapid charging of your batteries to keep your devices running without lengthy downtime.
  • LED Charging Indicator: Provides immediate visual feedback on charging status, helping you monitor the charging process effectively.
  • Smart Activation Feature: Equipped with a low voltage activation function to rejuvenate undercharged batteries, enhancing battery life and performance.
  • Safety First: Features comprehensive safety measures including reverse polarity protection to prevent damage from incorrectly inserted batteries.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a broad range of lithium battery sizes, from 10440 to 26650, making it a versatile choice for various battery-powered devices.

Efest SLIM K1 Intelligent Charger Compatible with: Ultra-compatible with a variety of 3.6V/3.7V Lithium batteries – 10440, 14500, 16340, 17340, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 20700, 21700, 26500, 26650

Technical Info:
  • Input – AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz or DC 5V 1A
  • Output – 4.2V +/-.05V or DC 5V 1A
  • Battery Output Cutoff Voltage : 4.20V ± 0.05V
  • Auto Recharge Voltage: 4.10V ± 0.10V
  • SIZE/TYPE COMPATIBILITY - 18650 20700 21700
  • 18650
What's in the box:
  • Efest SLIM K1 battery charger
  • USB cable with Type-C USB Port: 5V 1A
  • User Manual and warranty card
  • Scratch-off validation serial number

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