Waterproof 18650 Battery Case (2 Cells) - Clear

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Secure and organize your batteries with the Waterproof 18650 Battery Case, perfect for safely storing 2 x 18650 cells or 4 x 18350 cells. Made from durable clear plastic with a robust silicone seal, this case ensures your batteries are protected from water, dust, and impacts. Its transparent design allows for easy identification of contents, simplifying maintenance and quick swaps. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone needing reliable battery storage solutions that defend against environmental elements.

  • Dual Compatibility: Designed to hold either 2 x 18650 cells or 4 x 18350 cells, providing versatile storage options.
  • Waterproof Seal: Features a silicone seal that keeps water and dust out, ensuring your batteries remain dry and safe in any weather condition.
  • Clear Plastic Material: The transparent case allows for quick and easy identification of the batteries inside, enhancing convenience.
  • Impact Resistance: Constructed from durable plastic to protect against drops and impacts, preserving your battery’s integrity.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Compact design and light construction make it easy to carry in your backpack, glove compartment, or camera bag.

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